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That Tilly ‘Energy’: the RAWDUDES

“Level up, don’t you level down

Don’t be fake, boy jus crack a smile,

I be swaggin, don’t need no high fashion

I be dipped clean these gas station glasses”

-Tilly, ‘Action Jackson’ off Energy

The man is different. What Tilly is bringing to the table exposes an important nature of Hip Hop, creative vision and aesthetic. Self produced project, Energy, by Tilly explores the artist’s versatility as not only someone who raps, but produces his own material as well, down to the cover art.

Energy is exactly that. A project filled with affirmation of self in such high degree that reminds you, there’s no need to care what others think. Live your life, love your life and family. This is the message Tilly leaves behind in a hard ass, trap, festival style type vibe.

(Cover art by Tilly

shot by Kevin Aoki) Energy by Tilly

Listen to Tilly here:


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