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Soul Scripture 1:2

Updated: Jun 2, 2022


Song: Washin Dishes

Artist: Zentherapper

Album: Philosopher Stoned EP


”Close my eyes when I’m inspired to see”

Editor’s thought:

Now this bar took me in a turn of questioning self expression. Understanding that our every action is influenced, or learned behavior. Products of our own enviornment simply put. Constantly being bombarded by stimuli influencing our every movement. Being able to close your eyes, close your ears, breathing, and allowing that inner self to speak up. The voice being influenced by the outside world..

Artist Inspiration:

For Zentherapper, this song is an ode to taking care of the self within small acts of life maintenance. A nostalgic expression instilled throughout his childhood which he credits to his parents. Finding himself getting caught up in the expectations of not only outside forces, but himself. Washin Dishes is a reminder to be wary of the everyday acts of life that get us to a point of happiness, and that we must never let this moral go no matter how much we change. That change can cause struggle, anxiety, and fear amongst any human being. So finding the balance between being the esoteric, eclectic deep thinker and having the ability to cope with day to day mundane activities that are actually keeping us a float.

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