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Artist Spotlight: Mari the 5th

Check out this interview with push(soul) artist Mari the 5th below!

What’s your background as it relates to music? Mari: No specific musical background beyond the inspirations and motivations that pushed me to make music. It was mainly a form of expression and hobby for me at first since I was so focused on sports at the time. Beyond just being a super nerd about Hip Hop, my musical background as far as specifics isn’t too extensive. I played a couple instruments but not for too long. Earliest Hip-Hop memory? Mari: My Earliest hip hop memory is probably when my nana brought me and my late best friend/brother Jullian (RIP) to the Lil Bow Wow concert when he was first on tour. I was 5 or 6 at the time. Biggest musical inspirations? Mari: My parents had me young. I had a chance to share a piece of that youthfulness with them. The generation of artists they were bumping consistently filled the household and cars. Numerous amounts of CD books with some of the greatest albums of all time. My nana (grandma) especially kept me in tune with the music. She was always buying the latest, I remember her purchasing CDs like Get Rich or Die Tryin, Country Grammar, shit even to new Black Eyed Peas projects. My mother’s side being from the Bay Area of course gave me sounds of the Hyphy movement. E-40, Mistah fab, Turf Talk, Bay Area compilation tapes, burnt CDs, played on a daily basis. My father is from the LA area, but mainly was bumping either Jay-Z, E40, or R&B. From the influence, I started to write my own raps, short stories, comics and poetry starting at about age 6/7.

What are some of the concepts and messages listeners will hear in your music? Mari: God God God. Your perspective and understanding of God. How you determine and define your God. And the faith you put into that God. Of course throwing in real life nuances, scenarios and perspectives. Being honest about my flaws and contradictions. It’s only human. Also the affirmations, making sure people hear the fact that we must stay optimistic and keep going. Favorite piece of your own music? Mari: Hmmmmm it would have to be either Mari X, And a Mule Interlude, or Black is Ideal. What are your thoughts on the Hip-Hop industry? What about your relationship with it? Mari: As the Gemini in me, I’m split between two major feelings on the Hip Hop industry. Part of me can say the industry is in a state of controlled crisis. It’s been infiltrated by forces that want to determine our outcome culturally. On some sort of scale the masses of people are affected by the hyper sexuality, bravado/ego, bragging/disregard for human life, and the amount of drug intake that is pushed from a great number of artists in today’s mainstream. At the same time there is a plethora of very talented, meaningful artists out there making some fire ass music that’s genuine and authentic just gotta search and continue upping those who do make real shit. Is there anything we can look forward within the next 3 months? Mari: New project coming called Don’t Place God in Boxes! This is my first public announcement of it as well. Everyone in PS will be featured on it!

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