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Soul Scripture of the Week

Welcome to your weekly dose of soul! This series was started to shed light on the artists of Push(soul), their dedicated work, and the constant BARS coming out of the camp that need to be appreciated. Whether it be simple and to the point, or complex with deeper metaphorical meaning, the weekly Soul Scripture will provide you affirmation through the highlighted lyrics. Here you will read the editor’s thoughts, in addition to the artist influence over the lyrics written for the piece.


Song: Alone by Yan Tre Ft. Sunny Ture

Album: Boynton Baby


“Real talk you gotta know shit come a dime a dozen, a lot of people wanna come and they ain’t worth nothin”

Editor’s thought:

Understanding what’s rare in this life is truly a gift. Especially when it comes to the relationships built with certain individuals. We come across many people on our path that direct our intentions in either a positive or negative manner. We must learn who to properly trust. Not every person we come in contact with is here for a productive connection. Cherish the rare few who do inspire your life for the better.

Artist inspiration:

YAN Tre has recognized the contrast between his former partners and his current. His current relationship representing an example of how to properly handle one another’s emotions. Incorporating his woman in the music allowed him to translate these feelings of appreciation. Recognizing how mature, motivational, and loving his current partner is, he wanted to express that gratitude. Appreciate the one willing to find PEACE between each other.

Listen to Alone:

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