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Free the People: A peek into the Bay Area community

Updated: May 1, 2021

(FridaPeopleFriday event hosted by Ana Quiñonez, Oakland, CA)

Imagine an art based collective that consistently provided an outlet for fellow artists to express and share their work to the public. Not only share their work, but be able to perform within the communities they grew up. This vision has been brought to life by community organizer Ana Quiñonez right in the Bay Area with her FridaPeople Collective and partnership with Endeavors Oakland.

Hosted on the fourth Friday of each month, FridaPeopleFriday has been a center of community outreach, unity, and support for local artists needing to be heard. These events are actually donation based for those wanting to attend, typically hosted among the public spaces of Oakland, CA. Artists across the nation even have a chance of performing and viewing the event via ZOOM, expanding the reach of the FridaPeople collective.

This is what the culture needs, this is what the people need. Praise those giving artists a chance to build, expand, and learn from one another.

Stay tuned for the Frida People Friday events and come join.

Next event is May 28th!

Want to learn more about what the collective is about, here’s how to reach Ana:


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