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Trusting Intuition: 96nikson and The Freestyle Table

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Finding your path in this life is a continuous journey. A journey of a lifetime, constantly opening and closing doors that will lead you, ideally, to your greatest desires. Following the code, never allowing doubt to strike you off the path. For the manifestations are soon to come.

This is what I feel from my friend 96nikson whenever we get into our conversations about life focus. I see him emulate this within the realm of his art and personal relations he has with people. Displaying this sense of professionalism you want in those we choose to break bread with. So read along and learn more about 96nikson and how his dreams have begun to develop into reality:

Define yourself as an artist/creator

I am an Audio Engineer and Music Producer from the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus on Hip Hop and R&B

What inspired The Freestyle Table?

The freestyle table was inspired by a trip I took to New York back in 2016. I was really inspired by the street performers but I was wondering why nobody was out there making beats. The idea evolved from that experience

Editor’s note: I had an early chance to witness Nick make his transition from the athletic realm into music. Years later it’s crazy to see the development and confidence within his music. But one thing I can say is he has always been determined and more than willing to put in the work to accomplish this life dream.

What exactly is The Freestyle Table?

Initially, the freestyle table was a tool that I used to go out and find my first clients. We set up a table with two laptops and two microphones. Anybody can come up and rap or sing to the beats that we make

How have you balanced keeping your artist identity and The table?

It’s worked out that naturally my identity has grown along side The Table’s. Some people know of me from the table and others know about the table from knowing me. Either way, I’ve always felt that the right people have been drawn to the table and I love the community that it has created. The table has been a place where anybody with talent can showcase their rapping or singing abilities and I pride myself on the same thing in terms of the people that I take as clients at my studio. I don’t care how much of a following an artist has, if that artist has real talent, then I want to work with them. The freestyle table has been a great place for us to find one another. An artists journey is attributed to many sutras of life. One important theme for 96Nick is his ability to find balance amongst his community. The community built from lasting friendships, long studio sessions, tireless effort/faith with those who cherish what you bring to ‘The Table.’

What has been the biggest challenge for you during this journey?

The biggest challenge has always been overcoming the small obstacles that get in the way of accomplishing the real goals that we have. You can’t let the little things stunt your growth but that is always easier said than done

Cue Coach Pollack story about perseverance

Greatest lesson learned so far.

Stick to the script at all costs. If you have an idea, then act on that intuition and see where it takes you. Amazing things happen when you put your thoughts into motion

What’s next for 96nikson and the table?

Currently, I am working on building a clientele in Las Vegas. I moved out here in November of 2020. Ideally, I would like to establish clients in both Vegas and LA, while continuing my work with the Bay Area artists who I work with. I am working on getting the table established out here as well

Shout outs

Shout out to my FST partner Josh

I have love for the whole community of people who have gravitated toward the table and helped us to make it what it became Jacob, Ahmari, Mo, Reese, Genise, Shehbaaz, Johnny and many others

9. Message to the fans

We are just getting started. More music coming soon

Editors last words:

Greatness in the making is a term that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. How you display that quality is the work you put in. No cutting corners, no shortcuts; just shut up, trust yourself, your team, and get the damn job done. That is what I love about my potna 96nikson. Being able to witness this growth as not just an artist, but as a man has been a pleasure, keep putting in that work!

Check out episodes from ‘The Freestyle Table’ here:

Listen to 96nikson music here:



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