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WilliamGold: Bold Moves in Quarantine

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Directed by WilliamGold, Filmed by Nick Welch (

WilliamGold is an artist-entrepreneur who is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the music industry to thrive as an independent artist. When a little over a year ago, Covid-19 evolved into a global pandemic and the entertainment industry almost came to a complete stop, Gold took the devastating market shift as a sign to buy-in further in to his musical career, coming up with new strategies to continue to be successful during the pandemic and going forward.

Gold took three huge, BOLD, steps around last summer. He became a home-owner in the town that raised him (Champaign, IL) with his brother, he started a music label with some friends from college called BOLD Entertainment Group, and he opened a studio in his new home (The Elementz Studio) to facilitate his creative processes and provide services for other local artists.

Where others saw doom and gloom, WilliamGold saw opportunity and capitalized on it. In our conversation, he talked about lockdown as having something of “a bulldozing effect." Now - all of a sudden, regardless of your level of notoriety, no performing artists were getting paying gigs and were forced to adapt quickly to survive. Where others saw stagnation in a quarantine forecast, Gold saw opportunity for growth and decided to make these long - term investments to prepare his creative strategies for the "new normal."

Here at Push(Soul), we are committed to the black power tenet of independent institution building. In my talk with this talented and strategically minded artist, he impressed me as committed to owning his own creative products, and doing so in a way that could shift the paradigm in the music industry for the creative community at large, wresting control away from distribution companies like Tidal, Spotify, and Apple, and putting it back in the hands of artists and fans. -ZEN

Stream Gold's newest album: Awake In A Nightmare: The Epilogue available everywhere now! If this project is any indication at all, I would say that Gold's gambles are already paying off.

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