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TrulyYoursFree: “Smoke to it”

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

(Cover art by Sleepychi)

"So take me back to the 80s,

bitch I believe in black,

crackas tried to break our spirit but

they fuck with that"

-TrulyYoursFree, TrulyYoursFree

Above is the first line you hear from the lyricist, really setting the frame for what this black man is about to take us through. Coming from Sacramento, CA, TrulyYoursFree and his self titled Ep delivers an aesthetic of a conscious, concrete, soldier beginning his path down this systematic oppressive reality. Expressing his want for growth of not only himself, but his people. The contradictions of his own surroundings and how to deal with these influences while being “free as a bird..”

Production coming from LITT SHERM, each track captures the artist’s emotion behind the music. “Free” simply takes you directly to his matrix of life, as if you’re right next to him smoking and soaking in the wisdom. Allow yourself to be immersed in this project, all six tracks.

“Smoke to it..”

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