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Ausar: A Mixtape in Quote Tweets

Updated: May 29, 2021

“Turning beats to clickbait, take a 30 second snippet and I put it in a reel, tell em welcome to the mixtape.”

Cover Art for "Flight of the Honeybee (EP)"


Ausar is an artist I was introduced to at the University of Illinois when he opened up for Cole Bennett’s Ted Talk in 2019. Ever since, I’ve been impressed with his lyrical ability and veteran presence over rap and r&b beats with a classical feel. This past week, Ausar undoubtedly gained a slew of new fans as he posted "quote tweet" freestyle verses on producer snippets for 6 days in a row. As of now, these freestyle verses only exist as screen recording tweets, and I think that’s a part of what makes them special. No pomp, no circumstance. Just an artist connecting with fans and putting his creative versatility on full display.

My hope is that artists see the success of this impromptu freestyle campaign by Ausar and take notes. In the social media age, where there is so much talent and competition to vie for listeners’ attention, this lo-fi project stands out as an authentic introduction to a truly talented artist. With any luck, it will inspire artists to think more creatively with how they engage with not only fans, but also other artists over the internet. Peep all the verses below and tap in with Ausar’s social media! -ZEN

A Mixtape in Quote Tweets:

“Know my future stunted with revisions and decisions and remission and admission / Im just glad to see the vision”


‘I aint search for credit since the CRN”


“Can’t no stamp of approval make or break what you sayin / know yo story is yours and that’s important enough”


“Turning beats to clickbait / take a 30 second snippet and i put it in a reel / tell em welcome to the mixtape”


“If you in a room full of darkness / why you mad that they not spottin you”


“Its more to life than seeing these four walls yeah”


Ausar’s latest project: Flight of the Honeybee

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