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Journey down Pain Road: Prepare for Esancho

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

“I remember way back then we ain’t had shit

Now we gettin real established”

-Esancho, Established

Preparing for his upcoming project ‘Pain Road Vet,’ Esancho and the Hellatech camp dropped off yet another visual, Established, featuring Lxgit. Production and film work coming from Pay$ean.

If you’ve been at the bottom this track will resonate. If you’ve stayed true to your craft, beyond all doubt, Established will motivate. If you need a reminder to get up off yo ass and get some money, this song will push you. Start getting ready for what Esancho has to say, the ‘Pain Road Vet’ is coming soon.

(Cover art by Pay$ean)

Listen to Esancho here:



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