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Frontline or No line: Where’s your mind?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

What does it mean to be on the Frontline, “humbly hustling to accomplish our mission...”

Sacrificing, taking care of what needs to be done, never “comprising what we stand for.”

This simply just scratches the surface of what entrepreneur Joe Fotu is embodying with his Frontline Mentality trademark. Extending beyond fashion, but involving a certain mindset and lifestyle.

The abundant world of Hip Hop and art has taken notice of this Frontline mindset. From Oakland, California, Joe Fotu and his Frontline are not only a company born and bred in the bay, but have even been peaking their way into artists videos such as ALLBLACK, Rucci, and Nell Beamen, proving that he also has a home here in the world of Hip Hop.

Check out the Frontline Mentality website here:

Music featuring the Frontline Mentality trademark:

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