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Dotty Ca$H: #NuWayorNoWay

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

"Rico killed Mitch / Freddy killed Jason / This real life, no fakin / I ain't tryna be complacent / make a move, no hesitation"

  • from 'Stratigic'

Dotty Ca$H is a Chicago artist who migrated to Minneapolis a few years ago and is committed to spreading his brazen, yet conscious Chicago style to help develop the Minneapolis sound. His music reflects values of loyalty, faith, and embracing his rough upbringing to bring forth lessons through his lyrics.

A visionary in the true sense of the word, he plans to grow his brand and artistic community under the 'Nu Money' moniker. Nu Money is a budding lifestyle, entertainment, and music brand committed to enlightenment; committed to seeking out and attaining bigger and better things. Peep his latest video featuring a single from the ‘Snow to Oceans EP:' Strategic. This visual is inspired by aesthetics from the popular video game series, Grand Theft Auto. -ZEN

Peep my favorite Dotty Ca$H track:

Snow to Oceans EP:

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