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Boynton Beach's Own Delivers with Album No. 2

Updated: May 29, 2021

Video by @sunnyture

With his city on his back, and his daughter in his heart, YAN Tre bears his soul with this, the sequel to his debut project. Boynton Baby Vol. 2 marries Tre’s booming voice with bass-heavy beats to deliver a classic southern sound. This sequel builds on the autobiographical landscape introduced by YAN Tre's first project and takes name inspiration from his hometown of Boynton Beach, Fl.

Through this project we learn [more] about YAN Tre’s values: family, loyalty, and hustle. Fitting - as the YAN in Tre's stage name is short for "Young Authentic Nigga."

Personally, my favorite part of this album is the opening track. Tre wastes no time making an impression on the listener; this is one of the hardest intro tracks you will hear, period. Another gem of this project is how consistently strong Tre is with his choruses/hooks throughout BB2. You won’t regret taking this musical journey with Tre, a stand-up dude inspired and driven by fatherhood, committed to transforming pain into beautiful, meaningful music. -ZEN

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