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33Twin: The Influences and Motivations of Mari The 5th

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

"I was raised up by some project babies."

This opening line sets the tone for the latest release from Mari the 5th titled 33Twin. In this 3 track project, Mari sheds light on his upbringing and motivations being raised in Yolo County California just West of Sacramento. An abbreviation of the address where he spent the bulk of his childhood, 33 Twin, is a journey filled with family, influence, lessons and duality; all rooted in black love.

“Right inside your home, one of the first places your soul begins to travel off into the realm of life.”

Destiny starts at home for Mari and is navigated by interactions with the ones closest to him. A lot of what makes you who you are is heavily influenced by the experiences you share with your family at home. The opening track, “New Afrikan”, gives us a glimpse of the inspiration that drives Mari as a person and artist. An inspiration that isn’t always created over night and can sometimes be accompanied by elements of trauma.

“Don’t need no gold teeth, 40 acres what I been on."

Through at home and family experiences we grow and evolve to form our own opinions on life and how we believe things should be. The "And a Mule Interlude" is a look into the morals and values that guide Mari as person. The quick flutter-like raspy peformance almost makes his delivery sound like little messages or personal scriptures for his listeners.

“Let me paint her face like Murakami, that’s a smile”

Mari as an artist doesn’t start and stop with music. History, painting, anime and other elements have helped him develop into the artist we see today. The artwork for 33 Twin, that he personally designed, is a clear indication of these influences and goes even deeper as we enter into the last track “Kami” which is an abbreviation of the name of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. In it we get the more boastful and ego driven side of Mari (twin) with some help from his label mate YAN Tre.

33 Twin gives listeners, new and old, a better understanding of Mari the 5th not only as an artist but as a person. Stream 33 Twin now on all major platforms.

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